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List of machines in the Agricultural Industry

Chances are that if you own one of these, you need a pressure washer

Tracked tractor / Caterpillar tractor
Chisel plow
Mulch tiller
Spike harrow
Drag harrow
Disk harrow
Plow (or plough)
Power tiller / Rotary tiller / Rototiller
Spading machine
Two-wheel tractor
Stone picker ( picker)
Rock windrower (rock rake)
Broadcast seeder (alternately: broadcast spreader or fertilizer spreader)
Planter (farm implement)
Plastic mulch layer
Potato planter
Seed drill
Air seeder
Precision drill
Rice transplanter
Fertilizer spreader, see broadcast seeder
Liquid manure/slurry spreader (slurry tanker)
Manure spreader
Slurry agitator
Center pivot irrigation
Drip irrigation
Weight sorter
Color sorter
Blemish sorter
Diameter sorter
Shape sorter
Density Sorter
Internal/taste sorter
Beet harvester
Beet cleaner loader
Bean harvester
Cane harvester
Carrot harvester
Chaser bin
Combine harvester
Conveyor belt
Corn harvester
Cotton picker
Cradle (grain)
Fanning mill
Farm truck
Forage harvester (or silage harvester)
Grain cleaner
Grain dryer
Gravity wagon
Haulm topper
Haulout transporter
Over-the-row mechanical harvester for harvesting apples
Potato spinner/digger
Potato harvester
Rice huller
Silage trailer
Sugarcane harvester
Bale mover
Bale wrapper
Baler and Big Baler
Hay rake
Hay tedder
Backhoe/backhoe loader
Front end loader
Skid-steer loader.
Bulk tank
Milking machine
Milking pipeline
Allen Scythe
Grain auger
Feed grinder
Grain cart
Conveyor analyzer
Shear Grab
Power link box
Transport box
Bale trailer
Bale spike
Livestock trailer
Tractor mounted forklift
Bale splitter
Diet feeder
Hedge cutter, see flail mower
Post driver
Yard scraper
Loader wagon, self-loading wagon – used in Europe, but not common in USA
Bale lifter

October 9th, 2012

Hotsy Undercarriage Cleaner

When caring for your car, truck, or fleet, if your washing method is to wash only from the wheels up, you’re missing the most important area when it comes to preventative maintenance.

July 20th, 2012

Industrial Equipment Maintenance Jobs Available

Sometimes, when we come across come extra cash, it’s easy to think of the first thing that could bring you pleasure in exchange of those few bucks. Maybe, if it’s not such a small amount of money, bigger temptations come around -the the new biggest flat screen, or the loudest car stereo. The alternative to this, is to get a hold of an aid to get to the next level; that tool that will get you better gigs and ultimately, get a return with profits from your investment.

Being in the industrial equipment industry for many years. I can tell you that investing your money in a power washing trailer system will be one of the best decisions you can make.

This recommendation has a basis. Occupations involved in the general maintenance, installation, and repair can be very successful, and families who dedicate to them can live a stable economic situation.

According to, there are  ten contracts of Air Conditioning Equipment and Mechanic Jobs Available, Six in Industrial Equipment Mechanic Jobs, and four in Powered Support Systems  and Mechanic Jobs. In addition to government projects, the industry is a broad field, where contracts with fortune 500 companies are not unheard of.

We recently updated our website to make it easier for you to make a good decision. We invite you to browse around and configure the trailer system that’s right for you.

Select the features that you think you’ll need. If your unsure don’t hesitate to contact our representatives in Glendale Arizona.

May 14th, 2012

Tips for Power Washing

We have shared other posts with general knowledge on power washing, but thought that this recent article we found is a good quick read. If you have more questions on a specific power washing application, our staff is here to help. Call or stop by our 6,000 square foot facility located at:

2625 E. University Drive, Suite B, Phoenix, 85034.
Phone: 602 304-9988

If you are starting to spend more time outside or you are preparing to sell your home, you may start to notice the layer of grime on your home or decking. To save time and energy, power washing might be a good option. Matt McMillan of Greenfield, MA has worked in contracting and construction for over 25 years and offers up some helpful tips. McMillan suggested renting a power washer instead of buying. “You don’t usually use a power washer that many times a year,” he said. Most towns and cites have hardware stores that rent power washers.

McMillan emphasized the importance of safety when operating a power washer. “It may sound foolish, but wearing safety glasses is important,” he said. He also suggested wearing gloves and never using a power washer on a ladder of any size. McMillan told the story of a friend who recently got a hose caught in the ladder he was on while power washing his home. His friend fell from the ladder and is now a paraplegic. In 1995, a San-Francisco-area painting contractor impaled himself on his pressure washer wand when he fell off a ladder. “Wash everything from the ground. If you can’t do the job from the ground, hire a professional,” said McMillan.

What can and can’t you wash with a power washer?
McMillan said that most people just want to get the layer of grime off of their home or clean off mold and mildew. “You can also use a power washer to get off loose paint or clean out cobwebs that are stuck in places you can’t really brush out,” he said.

McMillan added that a power washer can be used to clean any exterior that is wood, vinyl, concrete, or asphalt. “But no windows or shrubbery,” he said. McMillan said that it’s important to understand how powerful a power washer is, and to be especially careful with wood. “With a fine-point nozzle (on a power washer), you can basically write your name in the wood with it,” he said.

Using a power washer
McMillan said that there are usually four different sizes of nozzles for power washers. He recommends that you experiment and “work your way up” to see which size nozzle would be best for the cleaning job you are doing. “For example, if you use too strong a water stream, you can really damage vinyl,” he said.

There are a number of detergents that can be added to the water for an easier cleaning job. McMillan said that in most cases a weak solution of bleach works just fine.

Types of power washers
There are two different ways to power a power washer. One type is fueled by natural gas, propane, kerosene, etc. The advantage to fuel-powered equipment is more mobility. The downside is that they are noisier and create fumes, so you need to take care to have enough ventilation where you are using the power washer.

The second type is an electric power washer. The pluses are less noise and no fumes. However, you need an outlet and you have less mobility.

Hot vs. cold water power washers
Cold water washers are good for simple dirt-cleaning projects on decks, porches, driveways, siding, etc.

Hot water washers are better if you are trying to clean off oils or any greasy/sticky material. Keep in mind, the water in a hot water power washer can heat up to 200 degrees.

General terms relating to power washers
GPM means gallons per minute, or how much water will flow over a period of time. The greater the flow rate, the faster the cleaning time.

PSI means pounds per square inch, or the amount of pressure created per square inch. Greater PSI means greater efficiency.

Do you have tips for power washing? Share them in the comments please!

Original Post in

May 9th, 2012

Some Information on Mineral Resources in AZ

Did you know that Arizona mines and quarries directly employ nearly 22,000 people who collectively earn more than 1 billion dollars each year?

Below, Mining districts in Arizona are categorized by the specific geologic environment in which the mineral deposit formed. Base- and precious-metal mining districts are classified according to the dollar value of metals produced. Only districts for which the total value of reported production of copper, lead, zinc, gold, or silver is greater than $500,000 (based on 1996 metal prices) are shown. Manganese, uranium, and tungsten districts have had significant production. Only minor quantities have been produced from the iron and mercury districts. Locations of economically or historically significant mines are also shown.

To learn more visit the Arizona Geological Survey.

April 16th, 2012

Hotsy Equipment and Service Testimonials

Learn why Hotsy is the #1 brand in North America for pressure washers.

[iframe: width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″]

April 6th, 2012

News: Hydro Engineering Inc. Helps a Remote Mine Site Stay in Environmental Compliance with the Installation of a Hydropad Turn Key Wash Rack

The following press pelease explains the many benefits an installation of Hydro Engineering Inc. technologies provide in a mining project. At Az cleaning equipment, we retail, install and service these products because we value their usefulness and reliability.

(PRWEB) February 28, 2012

Hydro Engineering’s breakthrough green technologies are leading the way in which equipment is cleaned in remote environments. The Hydropad portable wash rack is perfect for companies, large or small, who are looking to comply with EPA rules and environmental laws but have neither the time nor money to construct a wash rack.

The Hydropad wash rack and its Hydrokleen recycling system captures 100% of wash wastewater and recycles it. These above ground, steel wash racks are extremely durable and environmentally friendly. All wash water captured by the Hydropad is filtered through the Hydrokleen filtration system and reused. Hydrokleen systems use state-of-the-art materials of construction and manufacturing techniques to exceed vehicle and equipment manufactures requirements for performance, durability and corrosion prevention. The recycled water is then reused in the Hydroblaster pressure washer equipment making cleaning of large or small equipment quick and easy. This technology has proved to be particularly useful in remote locations that don’t have an available sanitary sewer connection.

Unlike most permanent wash racks for heavy equipment, all that is needed to set up and use the Hydropad wash rack is electric power, water, and a solid, level surface to place it on. Hydro Engineering Inc.’s products meet the requirement of secondary water containment, and do not require an architectural design. Hydropad instant wash racks rarely require a permit, never require construction, and are seen as equipment rather than a capital construction project.

“Hydro Engineering Inc. was very good in changing the design to meet changing environmental permit requirements. Was able to adapt to our changing schedule and met our start-up needs and requirements on a fast track project”, Said Todd Fayram of American Bonanza .

About Hydro Engineering Inc.

Hydro Engineering Inc. is based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, and is now in its 32nd year of operation. The company is ISO9001 certified and prides itself in a top quality management system. They provide the finest in washing, collection and wastewater treatment/recycling systems to thousands of customers worldwide. Hydro Engineering Inc.’s innovative products include Hydroblaster pressure washers, Hydrokleen waste water and filtration equipment, Hydro-biodigester odor control products, and the Hydropad above ground washing pads.

February 28th, 2012

Preparing Your Pressure Washer for Long-Term Storage

If you won’t be using your pressure washer again for at least a month, take a few steps to protect the pump and engine.

Protect the fuel system.

To prevent deposits from forming in the fuel system, add a fuel stabilizer to the fuel tank and run the engine for 2 minutes to circulate the stabilizer through the carburetor. If you don’t add a stabilizer, drain any remaining fuel into an approved container and then run the engine until it stops.

Protect from freezing.

Prevention is the best solution, never store your pressure washer in an area where the machine, wand or hoses can freeze. Freezing can cause permanent damage to your pressure washer. If you can’t store your pressure washer indoors in a dry, frost-free place and follow the instruction in the owner’s manual for protecting the pump from freeze damage.

Excerpt from:

January 23rd, 2012

Ever Wondered What a Mine Engineer Does?

[iframe: width=”640″ height=”480″ src=”″ frameborder=”0]

December 30th, 2011

Safety and Operation Video

[iframe: width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″]

December 21st, 2011

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